Ask me your COVID-19 questions

Hello, and welcome back to the COVID-19 Data Dispatch!

This Sunday, I’m trying something different. It’s a stressful week here in the U.S., as we face the election and oncoming holidays while cases rise to 100,000 new diagnoses a day—more cases than China has seen in the entire course of the pandemic.

So, I’m giving you all this opportunity to ask me your COVID-19 questions. You can ask about data sources, best practices for the holidays, and everything in between, and I’ll point you to resources which may provide some answers. Just hit that Like & Comment button to get started.

I will be online to answer questions throughout the afternoon; then, in the evening, I’ll send out a brief newsletter with highlights from this thread and a few other news items.

And a quick disclaimer, before we get started: although I volunteer for the COVID Tracking Project, this newsletter reflects only my own reporting and explanations. In any data questions I answer, I am not communicating on behalf of the Project in any way.