Send me questions: data audits and antigen tests

I'm interviewing Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness about her data quality audit. What should I ask her?

Welcome back to the COVID-19 Data Dispatch. This is a quick mid-week update to let you know what I’ll be covering for the next two weeks and to give you the opportunity to help shape that coverage.

Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness. Image from the State Auditor’s website.

In last Sunday’s issue, I wrote about a joint initiative by several top state auditors to evaluate how COVID-19 data are collected and reported. This initiative was created by Delaware State Auditor Kathy McGuiness; she worked with auditors from four other states to develop a framework for state data evaluation, which at least 20 states and territories will use.

This coming Monday, I’ll be interviewing State Auditor McGuinness to learn more details about the data audit. What do you want me to ask her? Is there a specific metric for which you’d like to know the auditing framework? A specific state for which you’re particularly interested in the results of this audit? (I personally have several questions about Florida.) I’ll share our interview in the following issue, which will go out on Sunday, August 16.

Please send me your questions for State Auditor McGuinness by 12 PM EST tomorrow, August 7. You can comment on this post, email me (, or message me on Twitter.

And finally: this Sunday, August 9, my newsletter will focus on antigen tests. I will summarize the current knowledge on how antigen tests differ from PCR and antibody tests, where the results of these tests are going, and why we should care. If you have any other questions about antigen testing (or if there’s a particular state you’d like me to look into), please let me know! You can send those questions through the same methods: comments, email, or Twitter.

I’ll be back in your inbox on Sunday!

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